<The IFBB Figure Competitor's Muscle-Building Plan

The IFBB Figure Competitor's Muscle-Building Plan

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“25 Year Seasoned Competitor and Figure Coach Reveals The UNTOLD Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Building Lean Muscle and Burning Body Fat FAST..."

It’s 100% ABSOLUTLEY FREE! The only catch? It’s only here until Friday.


Building muscle is NOT a difficutl task. With the PROPER Informaiton, Dedication, and Consistenty you can start to build NEW muscle as soon as Today!

Be Aware that your off-season training will vary greatly from your pre-contest training. The more you UNDERSTAND this and USE the muscle-building training tactics I provided in this free eBook, the FASTER you will BUILD sexy feminine muscle to take to the stage in your next figure competition.

What a GREAT feeling it would be stand on stage in your next figure competition and the entire panel of judgese notice your muscle development improvement. That could quite possibley be the one little factor that gives you First Place, Overall, and even your Pro Card.

Figure competitors have been e-mailing me SO much for a real muscle building program that my inbox is CONSTANTLY flooded. I just can't anserw all the e-mails so I have complied this cool, easy-to-read eBook PACKED with QUALITY Information, Tips, and even SECRETS to boost your muscle building and weight training to the next level.

These are the same EXACT training tactics I used Each and Every off-season to build my physique. Each year when I stepped on stage to compete I had more muscle. Other competitors noticed and judgeds noticed too.


I released this to just a few of my loyal subscribers on Janurary 12, 2012. So far the users report:

"OMG Karen. Thank you! I learned so much just from that one read. It totally makes sense and I can see what I was donig before could never work. Thank you!"

Jessie S.


"Karen, once again you did it! You managed to blow me out the water with your intricute details. I turely appreicate the time you have devoted to the sport and appreaciate more the that you share your tips and secrets with us."

Megan T.


"Hi Karen. I just wanted to tell you that this eBook has really helped me tremendously. The simple tactics you suggest really work. What seems so complicted is really very simple the way you put it. I have really been enjoying my workouts finally since I'm finally making improvements. BTW, my boyfriend can tell my legs are really shaping up. He said that Karen really knows what she's talking about."

Tiffany G.


"Thanks Karen! I increased my incline press from 65 pounds for 10 reps to 115 pounds for 10 reps in just 6 weeks. The guys in the gym are now asking ME what I'm donig. hee hee"

Taylor M.


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