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Case StudyLisa De La Rosa- Total Newbie - First Time Figure Competitor Rocks the Stage!

Lisas Transformation

Figure Competition Secrets is the BEST figure contest guide around!

It tailored my diet, cardio and training specifically to my goals. I started to see results within the first 3 weeks.

I was so thrilled with the progress I was making. In a matter of months I literally saw myself transform. I am very happy and I feel and look better than I ever have.

A BIG thanks for Karen Sessions - Figure Coach for her amazing eBook, Figure Competition Secrets.

Lisa De La Rosa

November 17, 2014

From the desk of: Karen Sessions - Figure Coach, NSCA-CPT
Author of: Figure Competition Secrets

Who Am I? I'm the Figure Coach that's going to transform you and put you on stage to enter and WIN your first figure competition.

Karen Sessions - Figure Coach

I'm Karen Sessions - Figure Coach and I've been in your shoes before. figure coach karenI didn't get first place my first show, but after dabbling with various competition diets, training, and cardio tactics, I did get on a winning streak for a few years, racking up TONS of First Places and Overalls.

I spent YEARS competing consecutively, dabbling with many forms of contest dieting to unlock the code to getting that Perfect Competition Body with Full Muscle Bellies and Fine Muscle Detail. I read, researched, used trial-and-error, used myself as a guinea pig...You name it, I gave it an honest whirl.

Guess what, I was able to SUCCESSFULLY decode the body fat problem to create the perfect figure prep system to keep the muscle while the fat melts off. I have all the data to back it up. I jam-packed all that information into an easy-to-read eBook, Figure Competition Secrets, guaranteed to bring you the same great results for your competition.

See For Yourself...

Case StudyJackie - First Time Figure Competitor Kicks Butt and Takes Names!

Jackie T - Before & After

Jackie T. literally STOLE the show, sweeping up awards and taking home first place in her very first figure contest.

No doubt, she's living proof that a total newbie can prep, compete, and even win a figure show.

It really doesn't matter if you are 20, a newbie, or 40 years old. ALL you need is a desire, dedication, and the BEST-SELLING Figure Preparation Program around, Figure Competition Secrets.

What You May Not Know About How To Prep...

What You Need To Know About Figure Dieting: Cutting calories to 1200 or less Right Out The Gate will DESTROY your metabolism. Sliced calories will cause your fat loss to stop dead in its tracks. You will start losing lean muscle and begin gaining terrible water weight and more body fat. This is why you lose weight on the scale, but your body doesn't take shape.

YOUR SOLUTION: The EASY Fix to this problem is simply to eat enough calories to support your BMR. When you implement the Proper Figure Competitoin Diet that meets your caloric and macro nutrient requirements, your muscles get nourished and your body fat will literally start melting off your body. The bottom line is, if you want to lose fat, you have to eat to feed and fuel your body. The TRICK is knowing the proper number of calories, protein, fat and carbs YOU need to do that.

Get the Dieting Tricks NOW...

What You Need To Know About Figure Cardio: Killing the cardio can do more harm than good. More often then not the eager competitor starts her figure prep off with 6 days of cardio for 45-60 minutes. Within weeks her body adapts and burn out follows. In addition, when your body adapts to 45-60 minutes of cardio you don't have anything to fall back on.

The figure competitor loses weight in the form of lean muscle tissue and the body fat is still hanging on giving the skinny-fat appearance. The athlete grows weak and fatigured in a matter of weeks. To amp things up she adds MORE cardio and cuts calories even more. The results is a skinny and weak body with loose skin and a sickly appearance.

YOUR SOLUTION: Cardio, training, and dieting all work hand-in-hand. Use them ALL to your advantage so you don't have to exhaust ONE source. It's much better to start your diet off with some calories so you can lower as you go and combine it with manageable cardio you can realistically tweak to improve fat loss each week.


I've seen too many figure competitors make costly mistakes in their prep. That's what I wrote this step-by-step guide that takes you by the hand and walks you through the 12 week figure prep process.

I'm not suggesting low cals and more than average cardio doesn't work... What I'm presenting to you is the EXACT program of how to find your calories and macros to formulate a diet, as well as DETAILED information on cardio AND training so your can Start Your Plan of Action NOW and have a figure ready body in just 12 weeks.

That's What I Said... If you implement the system that's laid out in Figure Competition Secrets you can lose fat, build muscle, and step on stage in just months.

What You Need To Know About Figure Posing: Just prepping for the show won't get you the win. You need to learn how to pose. When the head judge calls for a quarter turn, you need to turn in the right direction and make a smooth transition. Don't be the girl on stage turning left when the rest of the line-up is turning right.

YOUR SOLUTION: Good figure posing is art at its finest. Anyone can master good posing when the learn the basics. From the basics you build up,PERFECTING each pose with ever-so-slight tweaks to ENHANCE your physique. The smallest little twist can make you go from just "ok" to "Da Bomb".

In fact, I can show you how to build each pose EASILY and QUICKLY master it by making a few fine tweaks to ENHANCE your best body parts. You no longer have to be afraid. I'm here to help you. Hey, that's what a good Coach does, right?

Case StudyFigure Pro on Fahrenheit's Commercial - Used and Approves "Figure Competition Secrets"

NPC and WNBF Figure Pro, Fitness Model, and Actor in Fahrenheit's Commercial.

Jelena Djordjevic Jelena Djordjevic

My Girls Get Magazine Covers And Commercials! What Do YOU Want?

Jelena Djordjevic

Ms. Buffalo Overall Winner

"Karen, thank you so much I'm so excited to work with you. You are the best person I have really worked with on my diet. Your guidance has lead me to first place and overall"

Jelena Djordjevic
WNBF Pro Figure Competitor
IFBB Pro Figure Competitor

Figure Competition Secrets

What YOU Can Accomplish With FCS:

  • You WILL be mentally and physically charged each and every day with adrenalin just pulsating through your veins. You will literally jump out of bed, eager to get to your figure contest training to sculpt your body.
  • You WILL see changes on a weekly basis. These easy, weekly physical changes will also serve as a motivator to keep you on track, continually pushing forward pain-free to create YOUR winning figure body.
  • Your confidence WILL build each week and eventually soar. You will know the feeling of being in total control of your figure prep diet, training, cardio, posing, and life as your confidence grows and your body transforms.
  • This doesn't have to be a fantasy any longer...Starting TODAY you can have THE figure prep program to start making the body transformation now and win your comp.



"I've been competing for about 3 years and I've done so-so. I bought your Figure Competition Secrets eBook and I must say it's DA BOMB! With the information in Figure Competition Secrets and the "techniques" suggested for peak week, I've placed higher than ever before in my NPC shows this season. In fact, I got my first 1st place!

Thank you SOOOO much for sharing your knowledge and experience."

Jessica K

Hi Karen,

"I am a figure competitor who has purchased your Figure Competition Secrets eBook and I love it. I have been training for quite some time now, and competed in previous years in the NPC and placed 2nd and 3rd. However, I recently got the itch to get back on stage (took time off to have my beautiful children)... I was searching for more information on how to change my training, on advice, that is when I found you online. I used the Killer Training Program you offer in your Gold Package and let me tell you at the end... leg day... 30 reps... was truly a killer!!! But, I got thru it and I am happy to say that I won 1st place in the FAME ATLANTIC CITY CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! :) I wanted to first of all say thank you!!! I also am now on my way to Florida to compete for my pro card -- :)"

Kimberly M.

Hi Karen,

"Thank you for your eBook! I started at Figure Competition Secrets at 142 pounds and 23% body fat. Now, 11 weeks later I weigh 128 pounds at 14% body fat... That's a loss of 15 pounds of fat and I even GAINED a pound of MUSCLE!

I love the entire Figure Competition Secrets eBook. I would not be where I am today with out it!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Tashia S

Hi Karen,

Karen Sessions gives away an INSANE amount of figure competition diet, workout, supplement and peak week information.

I bought her Gold Package and the killer training is absolutely FREAKY INTENSE and I saw results the first week. In all honesty, if you are pinching penny's, investing in her eBook is the best investment because it cost less than entering a figure contest.


The Difference With Me Is,
I Know What WORKS, What Doesn't -- And WHY!

And I've Got A Ton Of References To Back That Up....

  • It doesn't matter if you are a total newbie
  • It doesn't matter if you are over 25% body fat
  • It doesn't matter if you are over 40
  • It doesn't matter if you think you have bad genetics

NONE OF THAT MATTERS! I can transform you and help you meet your goal!

I squeezed out ALL the figure dieting and training strategies and then squeezed some more, leaving out all the fluff... I wanted 100% PURE Strategies... And after YEARS of trial-and-error I found the EXACT figure prep recipe to make a complete figure transformation! Every single tip, tactic, and technique I share has been ruthlessly TESTED and PROVEN to work for hundreds of figure athletes - Just Like You!

Figure Competition Secrets is Based on My 7-Step System. If You Follow the 7 Steps You CANNOT Fail!

Step #1 - Use Your Diet To Burn Fat That's Based On All-Natural Foods

Program Your Body To TARGET Body Fat To Burn, All The While KEEPING Your Lean Muscle Through Precise Dieting Tactics...

  • You need to be eating the BEST quality foods in your figure competition diet to prompt your body to lose fat
  • There are certain foods you need to STEER CLEAR of at ALL COST so you make a total body transformation
  • First you need to quickly and easily calculate how many calories you need for YOUR body to start your figure diet
  • After that find out how much protein YOU need for YOUR body and what sources to get it from so you can keep all your lean muscle
  • Once you have that, get the exact amount of carbs you need for YOUR body so you can manage your energy and lose fat at the same time
  • Lastly, include the best high-quality fat sources in your diet for normal hormone production, energy exchange, and fat loss

Guess What? Figure Competition Secrets Includes ALL These Dieting Details So You Can Have A Figure-Ready Body In Just 12 Weeks!

Click Here to Download Figure Competition Secrets Now

Step #2 - Implement A Training Format That Transforms Your Physique Each Week

Improve Your Muscle Density And Definition With High-Quality Workouts SPECIFICALLY Designed To Build Lean Muscle...

  • Include the proper number of training days so you can build LEAN and SEXY muscle that the judges want to see
  • Change your weight training workout format so you can CONTINUALLY build lean muscle and keep your BMR in high-gear
  • You need to use proper training principles to break your muscles out of their comfort zone so they CONSTANTLY respond
  • Compound exercises grouped with isolation exercises are a POWERFUL combination to use so you can transform your physique quickly
  • A well-formulated weight training program will allow you to build lean muscle while you DROP BODY FAT so you can be Da Bomb on stage

You Can Have ALL This! Get Updated Butt-Kickin' Workouts And Training Splits For Every Phase Of Your Training Sent Right To Your In-Box


Step #3 - Use Precise Cardio Tactics That Actually Work for Fat Loss

Cut Body Fat Each Week With Progressive Cardio Tactics Designed To Target Body Fat To Get You Ripped...

  • Overcome cardio adaptation and CONSTANTLY keep your body off guard so you always burns body fat
  • How and WHEN you apply High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the determining factor if you burn muscle or body fat
  • There is an IMMENSE amount of cardio variations you can implement to keep your body in constant shock so you always burn body fat
  • Fasted cardio is an effective format, but it only REALLY works it's best when it's plugged-in at the right time
  • Progressive cardio is a PROVEN fat loss method that prevents extreme muscle wastage and allows you to lose fat continually at a steady pace

Get INTENSE Cardio Workouts That Will Have You Stage-Ready In Just 12 Weeks Flat!

Click Here to Transform Your Physique in 12 Weeks

Step #4 - Implement Natural Supplements To Enhance Your Transformation Progress

Boost Your Body Transformation Process By Incorporating Natural Supplements That Give You That Extra Nudge...

  • Creatine is GREAT to include in your prep program but you need to stop taking it at a certain point if you want to be super tight on stage
  • There's an AMAZING all-natural supplement that helps you keep all your lean muscle with zero side-effects so you can present a polished physique
  • By taking the CORRECTLY processed whey protein powder rather than the highly marketed ones, you can get the most out of your money
  • There's a really COOL supplement that burns that lower body fat in the hips and thighs so you can have a lean, fit and tight lower body
  • By using a SPECIFIC natural supplement you can burn belly fat so your abs show through, etched and ready
  • There are even natural supplements that STOP sugar and carb cravings so you don't go on those late night binges

I Recommend Only The BEST Natural Supplements To Meet Your Physique Transformation Goal. Plus I Give Away My Secret For Getting Top-Of-The-Line Supplements For DIRT Cheap!!


Step #5 - Highlight Your Physique With Proper Posing Suit And Heels

Polish Off Your Figure-Ready Body With The Perfect Posing Suit And Heels That Highlight Your Physique...

  • You need to choose a posing suit color that COMPLIMENTS your hair color and skin tone so you look ravishing on stage
  • You will need to choose a suit cut that ENHANCES your physique so you look lean and fit on stage
  • Your figure posing heels NEED to be within the organizations standards so you will look like a Pro when you compete
  • You will need to use the skin dye the JUDGES prefer, and so you will have a better color on stage under the bright stage lights
  • There are skin dye TRICKS you can implement to make your contest color 3 times darker so you stand out as the winner on stage

Get The Fine Details Of Your Posing Attire, Tanning, Skin Dyes, And Oils So You Can Present The Perfect Package On Contest Day!

Download Figure Competition Secrets NOW Before Your Competition Does...

Step #6 - Pose To Impressing The Judges

Pose Like A Pro And Impress The Judges With Proper Stage Presentation And Transitions...

  • Proper stage presence will get you noticed FASTER by the judges so you can place higher in your contest
  • You can enhance your posing to make your muscles more PRONOUNCED with minor tweaks to make you look like a veteran competitor
  • How you transition from one pose to the next is KEY and it will get you noticed by the judges and audience
  • There is an unwritten KEY POSE you need to know so you don't stand out like a sore thumb on stage
  • Mastering your QUARTER TURNS will set you apart from the rest so you get noticed on stage and look like a winner

Get ALL The Posing Details You Need To Learn All Your Poses, Transitions, And Walks So You Master The Stage Like A Pro!


Step #7 - Master Peak Week With Precise Tactics To Bring Home The Trophy

Dial-In With The Fool-Proof Dry-Out Plan For A Polished Physique With Beautiful Muscle Separation...

  • Proper prep and peak week TACTICS will give you that paper-thin skin that makes your muscles look hard
  • Your carb-depletion and carb-loading phase the last week is the last step to PULL out all the water under your skin
  • There are certain supplements you need to AVOID peak week so you don't hold water while on stage
  • Your water intake is VITAL and you should only limit your water consumption for a very limited amount of time so you can present your physique in a healthy manner
  • What you eat the night before your contest is CRUCIAL for you to fill out your muscle bellies and not spill over
  • Backstage in the pump-up room you need to get a good pump on your muscles, but there is one body part you should not pump up AT ALL

For ONCE You Can Have All The RIGHT Peak Week Information From The Source; From A Woman, For A Woman!


Need MORE Proof?

Case StudyFirst Place Open - Class D

Kimberly D

"I purchased your eBook at week 6 prior to my first show and as you can see it helped me prepare for my first show successfully.

I took a 2nd place trophy in the 2009 Orange County Muscle Classic for the Masters 35+ Tall and 3rd for the Open D Class, very graciously considering 1st and 2nd went to a 27 and 30 year old and I am 43.

Six months later, with continual prep from Figure Competition Secrets, I placed 1st in Open Class D and 2nd in Masters 35+ Tall in the Border Stats Classic.

Your eBook and its information were invaluable....right down to how to prepare my "tan".....thanks so much."

Kimberly D.

And Here's Angie...

Case StudyAngie M. - Karen, I WON Everything, Qualified for Nationals, And Going for my Pro Card!

Angie M

"I won everything! I won First in Master Short and then Master Overall and then I won First in Novice Short and then Novice Overall. It was amazing... Thank you so much. I couldn't have done it without your eBook, Figure Competition Secrets. No doubt about it. I did great. I felt great on stage and showed off my hard work.

Another former figure competitor was friends with some of the judges and she said they "were really complimentary of me". They wanted to make sure she told me to do the Kentucky Muscle Show in Louisville Kentucky, because it's a National Qualifier."

Thanks SO MUCH!
Angie M.

Another User Got A Magazine Cover Spot...

Case StudyI WON And Got Muscle Media Magazine Coverage!

Heather Muscle Media


"You were so instrumental in helping me achieve many fitness goals. You helped me tremendously in my efforts to compete.

I won Ms. Fitness Texas and Ms. Figure Gulf Coast and I made the cover of Muscle Media and I'm also featured in Energy Magazine."

Thank You!
Heather Robinson


Case StudyACE Certified Personal Trainer, Figure Pro & Fitness Model
Jennifer Kline - 1st Place Figure IronMan

Jennifer Kline


"Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I appreciate your eBook "Figure Competition Secrets" for my figure prep diet.

I'm preparing for my first Figure event and your eBook offers the most comprehensive information I have found on the net. You are such a valuable resource for those who have the dream to compete. Thank you! "

Jennifer Kline
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Scottsdale, AZ

Satisfied Customers Are Endless...

Case Study41 Year Young Figure & Fitness Competitor

Barb S

"I just wanted to say thank you so very much for all your tips, diet plans and coaching. I have had a heck of a year personally and you've stuck by me the whole time. :) I am in the best condition of my life using your figure prep guide!

I love all your email tips, I have printed them all and put them in a book to refer to. I have read the Figure Competition Secrets eBook a few times. Love it! You have been a real inspiration for me. Thank you!!!

Barb S

But I Have To Stop, I'm Running Out Of Room On This Page!

Now... Isn't It Time YOU Got The Contest Prep Secrets So You Can Be Stage-Ready?

Figure Competition Secrets eBook



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Bonus Material... Just Because I Think You Are So Cool...

12 Week Menu Plan

These are TOTALLY COOL pre-made meal plans, prefect for the person on the go or if you are brand new to fitness and competition dieting.

These formulated diet menu plans are customized to lower calories and carbs in a precise and safe manner so you can lose that fat and keep your hard-earned lean muscle.

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Food Catalog

Don't know how to pick and choose the right foods for your figure competition diet or your 12 Week Menu Plan?

No problem! I've constructed a HUGE Food Catalog with all the macro nutrient exchange fixin's. The confusion is gone!

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Meal Planner

If you are more advanced at dieting or want more freedom to pick and choose when and how you eat your foods, this Meal Planner is perfect for you.

This works well for those who are already fit so they can precisely tailor their pre- and post-training meals, regardless when training falls. It's all outlined in FULL detail... Just for YOU!

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Bonus Reports

Get 8 Bonus Reports that cover last minute prep, how to manage stress, and posing suit cleaning.

Also included are in-depth interviews with some of the best fitness models and competitors.

Find out how they became successful in competing and fitness modeling so you can do the same.

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Figure Competition Secrets eBook, 8 Bonus Reports, the 12 Week Menu Plan, my cool Meal Planner and the HUGE Food Catalog database along with the 4-Phase Training Program and a Full Year of E-Mail Support. A value of $419... All yours Today for only $47.


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