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Step #1 - Forget Everything You've Heard About Figure Prep Because You've Been Lied To.

It’s time to stop the confusion and misinformation about how to prep for a figure contest and follow an easy step-by-step program specifically designed for women who want to step on stage and compete.

There are 3 Mistakes with Most Contest Prep Plans:

number one Most figure diets cause you to lose more muscle than fat which causes metabolic downgrade. As you get closer to your show your weight loss plateaus and you become soft and bloated. So, you end up being the pudgy girl on stage that didn’t place.
number two Most figure training programs are not advanced or intense enough to build, or even keep existing lean muscle. The result is a lack of muscle definition. So, you end up not even getting noticed by the judges due to lack of muscle development.
number three Most peak week programs give shoddy advice for the final 7 days which can cause you to hold a boat-load of water on your contest day. So, you end up holding more water than the Hoover Dam when you step on stage.

Even though it’s extremely effective, Figure Competition Secrets is the most advanced step-by-step program to follow, making contest prep easy and effective. Why spend hundreds of dollars on contest prep plans that cause you to lose muscle, gain fat, and hold water on your big day? Instead, you can plan and prep with comfort and ease, and a peace of mind knowing you'll be stage-ready.


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Everything You Need To Learn About Figure Competition Prep:

blue check How to Get Started, Starting at Square ONE
blue check How to Find Organizations to Compete in
blue check How to Find a Contest in YOUR Area Suited for Your Level and Body Type
blue check
How to Lose up to 2% Body Fat During Your First Phase
blue check
How to Get Those Ripped Abs That Look So GREAT on Stage
blue check
How to Diet Down Just Like The Top IFBB Figure Pros
blue check How to Train so You Can Lose Fat AND Build Muscle at the Same Time
blue check How to Use Cardio so You Can Burn Fat ONLY and Save Your Lean Muscle
blue check How to Use All-Natural Supplements to Boost Your Fat Burning Efforts
blue check How to Select Posing Suit that Compliments Your Body Shape and Skin Tone
blue check How to Select Posing Heels and Learn the Heels to AVOID
blue check How to Pose Like The Pros so the Judges Notice YOU
blue check How to Diet and Workout During Peak Week
blue check How to Dry Out so You Place in the Top 3

You CAN do all this plus more in just 12 Weeks FLAT... Even If You Are A First-Time Figure Competitor.


It's True... YOU Can Do It.

figure coach karenMy name is Karen Sessions. I'm a certified fitness instructor, best-selling eBook author, researcher, former competitor, Figure Coach and success coach. I've been in the fitness industry for 25 years and I've helped thousands of women from 20-50+ years of age compete and even win Figure Competitions, and I'm sure I can help you too.

I wrote Figure Competition Secrets due to the demand for contest prep information and the lack of quality facts. There is an overwhelming amount of information online going in 20 different directions. This leads you down a path of diet and training confusion and ultimately not losing fat, eating up muscle, destroying the metabolism, and the final outcome is giving up.

The contest prep confusion stops here. I have created an easy, step-by-step guide to walk you through all 7 phases of figure prep. You deserve to have the right information. I hope you like it and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Karen Sessions - Figure Coach, Author of Figure Competition Secrets



Do You Have These Common Fears About Figure Competition Prep:

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Afraid that YOU are the only one that's new to contest dieting and training and that you'll never get in shape
blue check
Terrified that YOU are the only one that doesn't know how to pose and you'll turn the WRONG way on stage
blue check
Embarrassed that you are OVER 20% body fat and you are afraid that that prep will be too hard and long
blue check
Anxious that since you over 40 you think you are too old to compete against those in their 20s and 30s
blue check
Frightened that you will place LAST in your category and make a fool of yourself in front of the judges, your family and friends, and audience
blue check
Nervous about having bad genetics and think that competing is just out of reach for you no matter how hard you try

Those are some righteous statements. And I can totally understand your fear. Why, because I was a first-time competitor before too, and I managed to pick apart the entire contest prep process through intensive studies and trial-and-error. I was able to successfully de-code the process to burn fat 37% faster and even build 2-4 pounds of lean muscle at the same time.

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My 7-Phase, Step-by-Step Program Makes Prep Easy-Breezy...

I plucked out the 7 primary factors that makes competition preparation successful and I outlined each of these prominent elements in an easy-to-read format so you have all the factors, details, and even my little tricks of the trade laid out in front of you.

No More Confusion... No More Guessing.

I did all the hard work for you so all you have to do is follow what I outlined. It doesn't get any easier than that! And after YEARS of trial-and-error I found the EXACT figure prep recipe to make a complete figure transformation! Every single tip, tactic, and technique I share has been ruthlessly TESTED and PROVEN to work for hundreds of figure athletes - Just Like You!

By following Figure Competition Secrets you will be able to compete on stage, win First Place and take home your well-deserved award. All the bragging rights are 100% absolutely FREE!

I'll Teach You How To:

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Use your diet to Burn Fat 37% faster on a diet based on all natural foods that taste good so you don't dread your diet
blue check
Apply training tactics that help to transform your physique each week so you can see and feel the results
blue check
Use precise cardio tactics that actually amp-up your fat loss 10-fold so fat melts off your body like butter
blue check
Choose natural supplements that boost your metabolism and enhance your body transformation process so you tie-in perfectly on contest day.
blue check
Highlight your physique by choosing the right posing suit for your skin and hair tone, as well as posing heels so you capture the judges attention
blue check
Pose correctly, hiding your weak body parts and highlighting your strong muscle groups you impress the judges within 3 seconds
blue check
Master peak week like a pro with precise tactics that pull water from under the skin and drive it directly into the muscles so you present the best package and win the show.



Real Results From Real Competitors...

CASE STUDY - Magazine Cover and Commercial
Figure Pro on Fahrenheit's Commercial - Used and Approves "Figure Competition Secrets"

NPC and WNBF Figure Pro, Fitness Model, and Actor in Fahrenheit's Commercial.


My Girls Get Magazine Covers And Commercials! What Do YOU Want?

Ms. Buffalo Overall Winner

"Karen, thank you so much I'm so excited to work with you. You are the best person I have really worked with on my diet. Your guidance has lead me to first place and overall"

Jelena Djordjevic
WNBF Pro Figure Competitor
IFBB Pro Figure Competitor

CASE STUDY - Magazine Cover
I WON And Got Muscle Media Magazine Coverage!


"You were so instrumental in helping me achieve many fitness goals. You helped me tremendously in my efforts to compete.

I won Ms. Fitness Texas and Ms. Figure Gulf Coast and I made the cover of Muscle Media and I'm also featured in Energy Magazine."

Thank You!
Heather Robinson


CASE STUDY - First Time Figure Competitor and Mom
Jackie - First Time Figure Competitor Kicks Butt and Takes Names!
jackie-beforejackie after

Jackie T. literally STOLE the show, sweeping up awards and taking home first place in her very first figure contest.

No doubt, she's living proof that a total newbie can prep, compete, and even win a figure show.

It really doesn't matter if you are 20, a newbie, or 40 years old. ALL you need is a desire, dedication, and the BEST-SELLING Figure Preparation Program around, Figure Competition Secrets.

Jackie shed 11 pounds of body fat while adding 3 pounds of muscle, shocking and amazing the audience.

Download the Prep Program Jackie Used

CASE STUDY - First Time Figure Competitor Transformation
Natalie Valenzuela – First Time Figure Competitor Makes A STUNNING Transformation!
natalie beforenatalie after

Natalie took her physique to a new level and made a total body transformation.

She dropped 9 pounds of sheer body fat while increasing her lean muscle mass 4 pounds.

Natalie choose to train 4 days a week and do cardio 5-6 days a week, depending on her schedule.

Natalie says that taking that first step and entering a competition has taken her out of her comfort zone and empowered her.


CASE STUDY - The Perfect Peak
Lisa De La Rosa- Total Newbie - First Time Figure Competitor Rocks the Stage!
lisa before transformationlisa after transformation

Figure Competition Secrets is the BEST figure contest guide around!

It tailored my diet, cardio and training specifically to my goals. I started to see results within the first 3 weeks.

I was so thrilled with the progress I was making. In a matter of months I literally saw myself transform. I am very happy and I feel and look better than I ever have.

A BIG thanks for Karen Sessions - Figure Coach for her amazing eBook, Figure Competition Secrets.

Lisa De La Rosa

Make the Same Transformation as Lisa Did

Real Testimonials From Real Competitors...


"I've been competing for about 3 years and I've done so-so. I bought your Figure Competition Secrets eBook and I must say it's DA BOMB! With the information in Figure Competition Secrets and the "techniques" suggested for peak week, I've placed higher than ever before in my NPC shows this season. In fact, I got my first 1st place!

Thank you SOOOO much for sharing your knowledge and experience."

Jessica K

Hi Karen,

"I am a figure competitor who has purchased your Figure Competition Secrets eBook and I love it. I have been training for quite some time now, and competed in previous years in the NPC and placed 2nd and 3rd. However, I recently got the itch to get back on stage (took time off to have my beautiful children)... I was searching for more information on how to change my training, on advice, that is when I found you online. I used the Killer Training Program you offer in your Gold Package and let me tell you at the end... leg day... 30 reps... was truly a killer!!! But, I got thru it and I am happy to say that I won 1st place in the FAME ATLANTIC CITY CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!! :) I wanted to first of all say thank you!!! I also am now on my way to Florida to compete for my pro card -- :)"

Kimberly M.

Hi Karen,

"Thank you for your eBook! I started at Figure Competition Secrets at 142 pounds and 23% body fat. Now, 11 weeks later I weigh 128 pounds at 14% body fat... That's a loss of 15 pounds of fat and I even GAINED a pound of MUSCLE!

I love the entire Figure Competition Secrets eBook. I would not be where I am today with out it!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Tashia S

Karen Sessions gives away an INSANE amount of figure competition diet, workout, supplement and peak week information.

I bought her Gold Package and the killer training is absolutely FREAKY INTENSE and I saw results the first week. In all honesty, if you are pinching pennies, investing in her eBook is the best investment because it cost less than entering a figure contest.



Need MORE Proof?

CASE STUDY - Win Overall
Angie M. - Karen, I WON Everything, Qualified for Nationals, And Going for my Pro Card!
angie beforeangie aftger

"I won everything! I won First in Master Short and then Master Overall and then I won First in Novice Short and then Novice Overall. It was amazing... Thank you so much. I couldn't have done it without your eBook, Figure Competition Secrets. No doubt about it. I did great. I felt great on stage and showed off my hard work.

Another former figure competitor was friends with some of the judges and she said they "were really complimentary of me". They wanted to make sure she told me to do the Kentucky Muscle Show in Louisville Kentucky, because it's a National Qualifier."

Thanks SO MUCH!
Angie M.

Start Your Figure Prep Now


CASE STUDY - Over 40 Figure Competition
41 Year Young Figure & Fitness Competitor
bar beforebarb after

"I just wanted to say thank you so very much for all your tips, diet plans and coaching. I have had a heck of a year personally and you've stuck by me the whole time. :) I am in the best condition of my life using your figure prep guide!

I love all your email tips, I have printed them all and put them in a book to refer to. I have read the Figure Competition Secrets eBook a few times. Love it! You have been a real inspiration for me. Thank you!!!

Barb S.

Start Your Transformation Journey Today

Satisfied Customers Are Endless...

CASE STUDY - First Place in IronMan
ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Figure Pro & Fitness Model
Jennifer Kline - 1st Place Figure IronMan

Hi Karen,

Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I appreciate your eBook "Figure Competition Secrets" for my figure prep diet. 

I'm preparing for my first Figure event and your eBook offers the most comprehensive information I have found on the net.  You are such a valuable resource for those who have the dream to compete.  Thank you!  

Jennifer Kline
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Scottsdale, AZ  

But I Have To Stop, I'm Running Out Of Room On This Page!

patriciabridget kidcaffdiana schwark

Pat, Bridgette, andk Diana all WON First Place their very first figure show, and Won OVERALL! Find out what they did to be a figure success and replicate it!
- Get Pat's EXACT Step-By-Step Figure Prep Program NOW -


Bottomline... This Contest Prep System Works.




This IS a NO-FAIL Figure Competition Prep System backed by 25 years of data and REAL Testimonials and Success Stories.

The asking retail price is $97.

However, if you order RIGHT NOW you can take full advantage of my special introductory offer and simply pay $47. That's a savings $50 off the standard price of $97!

Nope. That wasn't a typo. You will pay a mere $47 and receive my proven figure prep system to whip you into shape and give you a prize-winning physique.

But, you must hurry... This special introductory offer will not last long. This information is much too valuable and too much in demand to keep it at this insane low price!

So ACT NOW before it's too late...

Oh, One More Thing...

Oh, did I mention that you get 12 Full Weeks of PRINTABLE Figure Prep Training included in this eBook? Yep, a training program precisely outlined to keep your muscle, burn your body fat, keep training interesting, and changes every 3-4 weeks.

Plus... Get 12 Full Weeks of Figure Prep Training!

Value at $37

I Ain't Done...


PLUS... I'll throw in 1 Full Year of FREE e-mail support!
Valued at $227.

The information inside this eBook is priceless. It has transformed many top-level physiques. Clients pay me top dollar for the information you are about to receive.

Remember... This system will sell for $97.00, but you can have it RIGHT NOW at a special introductory price of just $47.

That's right. The cost it takes to fill-up your car will give you 20 years of research, experience, and personal trial and error.


Oh Wait... Got Some Bonuses For You Too... *Opening Bag Of Goodies*


Bonus Material... Just Because I Think You Are So Cool...

12 week menu plan

12 Week Menu Plan

These are TOTALLY COOL pre-made meal plans, prefect for the person on the go or if you are brand new to fitness and competition dieting.

These formulated diet menu plans are customized to lower calories and carbs in a precise and safe manner so you can lose that fat and keep your hard-earned lean muscle.

$27.00 >>> No Added Cost Today

food catalog

Food Catalog

Don't know how to pick and choose the right foods for your figure competition diet or your 12 Week Menu Plan?

No problem! I've constructed a HUGE Food Catalog with all the macro nutrient exchange fixin's. The confusion is gone!

$27.00 >>> No Added Cost Today


Meal Planner

If you are more advanced at dieting or want more freedom to pick and choose when and how you eat your foods, this Meal Planner is perfect for you.

This works well for those who are already fit so they can precisely tailor their pre- and post-training meals, regardless when training falls. It's all outlined in FULL detail... Just for YOU!

$27.00 >>> No Added Cost Today

bonus reports

Bonus Reports

Get 8 Bonus Reports that cover last minute prep, how to manage stress, and posing suit cleaning.

Also included are in-depth interviews with some of the best fitness models and competitors.

Find out how they became successful in competing and fitness modeling so you can do the same.

$27.00 >>> No Added Cost Today


*Calculating* Wow... That's $108 in Bonus Material... ALL at No Cost for you Today!


Ok, Here's What I'm Prepared To Offer You...

Figure Competition Secrets eBook, 8 Bonus Reports, the 12 Week Menu Plan, my cool Meal Planner and the HUGE Food Catalog database along with the 4-Phase Training Program and a Full Year of E-Mail Support. A value of $419... All yours Today for only $47.



The above is a combined value of $419, but you can get it ALL right now for just $47!




P.S. - Remember, hundreds of women are now transforming their bodies simply by using my proven system outlined in FCS. You can be a success, too! You can have the same exact body transformation system, but only if you take action now.

P.P.S. - This truly is a limited time offer and $47 is the absolute lowest price I will be offering it. You can come back tomorrow only to find the price of this program has been changed to it's original set price of $97.

Don't Hesitate, Take Action Now!

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